Tin Granules

Application: Industry
Shape: Granule
Material: tin
Chemical Composition: 99.999%min
Product name: high purity tin granule,tin shot,tin pellet 99.999%
CAS NO: 7440-31-5
Purity: 99.999%
Certificate: GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008
Type: non ferrous metal material
Standard: In house 99.999% Min
Appearance: granule
Color: silvery white
Grade: 5n
Main application: semiconductor material

Packaging Details:
Vacuum Packing or Nitrogen- Protecting 1kgs/Bag, also could do according to customer request.


Basic information:

1.Purity: high purity tin granule,tin shot,tin pellet 99.999%

2.CAS No.: 7440-31-5

3.Main application: semiconductor material



1.Silver-white, ductile solid (beta-form).

2.Changes to brittle grey (alpha) tin at temperatures below 18°C but the transition is normally very slow.

3.Soluble in acids, and hot potassium hydroxide solution.

4.Insoluble in water. Elemental tin has low toxicity, but most of it’s compounds are toxic


Impurities in ppm

Sn % 99.999 min
Ag 0.5
Al 0.3
Ca 0.5
Cu 0.5
Fe 0.5
Mg 0.5
Ni 0.5
Zn 0.5
Sb 0.5
Bi 0.5
As 1.0
Pb 0.5
Au 0.1
Co 0.1
In 0.2

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