Thermal Roll Paper

Thermal paper roll products can be used in thermal printers, cash registers, POS systems, and credit card terminals within the retail, catering, gaming, financial, government, hospitality sectors. Thermal paper is a special paper type that has a chemical coating on its surface. When the paper goes through a thermal printer, heat from the print head causes the chemical coating to activate and form an image of high definition. Unlike regular paper, this process uses heat to start a chemical reaction within the paper itself. So it doesn’t require a ribbon or toner
Paper width: 80mm
Roll diameter: 80mm
Paper length: 55m ~ 90m (depends on paper thickness)
Paper type: Thermal

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Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal Papers rolls are widely used on different electronic machines and devices for the purpose of recording information. Machines ranging from cash registers or POS’s to ATMs, all require paper rolls of single ply, multi-ply carbonless paper or thermal paper.

Abulhoul Thermal Printing press produces wide range of Thermal printing thermal paper rolls products of high quality. printing Thermal Paper rolls are different types of base paper with different sizes can be manufactured for the required application.

Our thermal paper products

We assure that our products will always produce the desired results. Our products of ATM thermal & non-thermal rolls are guaranteed to be compatible with most ATM machines such as Wincor, Tranax, Fujitsu, Diebold, NCR and many others.

We have designed and produced pre-printed rolls for our clients for the purpose of promoting their products, advertising or enhancing corporate image. Pre-printed paper rolls are printed on web-offset technology providing maximum image resolution. Printing can be done with multi-color on the front and back of the roll with high-quality images.Abulhoul printing services use latest printing technology & latest printing machine.

Different Types of Paper rolls

1 ply (Woodfree and Thermal)

2 ply NCR Rolls

Thermal Rolls

Different widths, diameters and cores can be manufactured according to specific requirements.
thermal paper rolls (Application)

Cash Register Rolls

Point of Sale Rolls

Journal Rolls

Adding Machine Rolls

Tele-fax Rolls

ATM Rolls


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